iPad - The Missing Accessories

June 23rd, 2010

In this post we will explore how some of the iPad's limitations can be mitigated or overcome through add ons and accessories. This is an interactive post and we ask that you share your thoughts and tips with us as we think about how IOGEAR can help bridge the accessory gap for the iPad. So please take a moment to share your thoughts with our community here in the blog comments, on Twitter or FaceBook. We consider your input extremely valuable and we are looking forward to your feedback. Video and Audio Streaming As we have discussed before, PC to TV streaming is an exciting trend that is re-shaping home entertainment. While our Wireless A/V Kit helps make the process of streaming content from a PC to TV much simpler, can the iPad take over this role? Will we soon be discussing a sweeping iPad to TV trend? Imagine having your remote and content on one, nicely form factored, device that is quiet and simple to useā€¦could the iPad make this a reality? How important is output via HDMI to you? Would wireless streaming from your iPad to your HDTV help streamline your home entertainment setup? Keyboards and Mice Many iPad users have complained that typing on glass is not ideal for long email or writing sessions. How have your iPad typing experiences been so far? What could be made better? Do you find yourself using an external keyboard mostly at home or when traveling? What would be an ideal external keyboard size? Do you prefer a docked keyboard or wireless? Have you tried using your iPad with a mouse? If it seems crazy, check this video out. Would a keyboard / mouse combination give the iPad a better shot at replacing your netbook? Connectivity KVM technology has changed the way multiple computers are managed in the PC world. What happens when you add an iPad to the mix? KVM technology could be the future key to controlling your iPad with the same I/O devices (keyboard, monitor and mouse) that you use to control your PC. How important is file transfer between your iPad and your PC to you? Conclusion Here are some concluding open questions to all iPad owners, or perhaps even those who are on the fence about making their first iPad purchase. What add ons or accessories do you wish you had? Which gadgets would be game changers for your work flow or make your entertainment experience reach a new level? Please take some time and share your thoughts here on the blog, on Twitter or FaceBook. We can't wait to hear your suggestions, and who knows, perhaps your great idea will be available before you think.

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