Turn Your iPod, iPhone or iPad into a TV

September 14th, 2010

The next time you and your friends gear up for home movie night, make sure to grab the popcorn, candy, soda and… the Composite AV Cable? If you own an Apple mobile iOS device such as an iPod, iPhone or iPad, then you're all set. Well, that and a decent sized TV at someone's place. iphone to tv Turn Your iPod, iPhone or iPad into a TVIntroducing IOGEAR's beautifully streamlined Composite AV Cable. This light and portable cable allows you to connect your ‘i-anything' directly to any AV system that has composite jacks. Music, movies and photos on your device may now be enjoyed in high quality on a grand scale. Just returned from your Summer trip to Europe and want to show off some great pics? Instead of having your friends climb all over you in an effort to check ‘em out, just plug in and throw the pics up on the big screen. You can even set it to the music of a local band you may have discovered in the wilds of Norway. And, if your friend's annoying little brother comes home? No worries. Just pull the plug and hop to the next location, never missing a beat nor a scene! Additionally, with the release of new apps such Netflix and Movie Maker, you can easily stream the newest blockbuster or your own film masterpiece up on the big screen. IOGEAR's Composite AV Cable helps ensure that you'll always ready to enjoy your content on the big screen, wherever you may be. Continue the discussion with us here in the blog comments, on Twitter on on Facebook. We would love to know how you plan to use this device!

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