Ever wonder where the AV installer comes up with cool ideas for home retrofitting? CEDIA, of course!

September 17th, 2010

Next week, AV installers, media, manufacturers and distributors in the AV space will spend a few days at the annual CEDIA Expo (Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association Expo…phew, that needed a breather!) in Atlanta, GA. Every year, the CEDIA Expo showcases the latest and most innovative electronics and solutions for retrofitting homes, businesses and office spaces. CEDIA 2010 Ever wonder where the AV installer comes up with cool ideas for home retrofitting? CEDIA, of course! In this week's post, we talk about what cool, cutting-edge ideas AV installers take away from shows like CEDIA and how they incorporate those very same products and creative ideas into stylistic home entertainment set-ups. Just this week, Electronic House, a publication focused on integrated home technology, posted its latest ‘celebrity home' feature, and it was none other than Charlie Sheen's. You know, the guy from Hot Shots! Part Deux? Now, we here at IOGEAR don't normally boast, but while Mr. Sheen's home has some pretty cool electronics set up, we're not sold on the décor. Mr. Sheen, your interior designer needs a lesson in style! However, you'll notice he has a TV in almost every room of his home, including the bathroom. Now that's livin'. At CEDIA next week, AV installers will be able to lay their eyes on the 12 entrants to CEDIA's Electronic Lifestyles Designer Awards, and you can too by checking out this slideshow, compliments of Electronic House. Entrants to the competition were required to create a media room with a 32” diagonal or larger display system and a 5.1 or higher surround sound system. Winners will be announced next week and we are curious to find out who made the cut! Speaking of which, IOGEAR's Wireless HD Kit is a finalist in CEDIA's ‘Best New Products‘ award, and we on the team here are crossing our fingers in hopes that the Wirless HD Kit takes the gold! As you can see, AV installers from around the nation lay witness to the latest cool electronics that have made such featured homes finalists at shows like CEDIA. It's events like these that bring the most passionate in the AV space together to talk, shop and experience the technologically advanced world of audio and video electronics. What grand retrofitting ideas would you incorporate into your home? How creative would you get in your design? Let us know here on our blog, Twitter or Facebook page.

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