Is gaming headed for the clouds?

December 2nd, 2010

Over the last thirty years, video games have advanced to include state-of-the-art HD graphics to motion detecting peripherals, such as Microsoft's Kinect for Xbox360. As the video game industry continues to advance exponentially, consumers are beginning to wonder what will be the next big leap in technology. As LPs and CDs have almost disappeared in place of MP3s, will the same hold true for physical copies of video games? Will they become predominately digital? Source Recently, the cloud gaming upstart Gaikai announced its open beta for cloud-based game streaming to any computer. In a Q&A conducted last week with Gaikai's CEO David Perry shared that cloud gaming solutions will give web goers the ability to play a triple-A game without having to install it on their hard drives, nor purchase the physical copy of the game. This instantaneous method of playing and delivery will make it easier than ever before for both hardcore and mainstream gamers to play their titles of choice. While there are many critics to this new method of gaming, cloud computing is still in its infancy and has the potential of becoming a replacement for the old method of gaming - of going to the store and purchasing a physical copy. Though, critics claim that latency over the network could slow hardcore gamers up that are playing via the cloud. What is your take on cloud-based gaming? Are you ready for the switch? What are your favorite innovations and / or peripherals that you see changing the video game industry? Tell us here on our blog or company Facebook page.

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