USB to HD Adapter Adds HD Display with Audio through USB 2.0 Port, No Technical Degree Needed

April 20th, 2011

Anyone who's tried to install a video card in a computer knows it's not a simple DIY project. In homebuilding terms, it's akin to furnace or electrical work and not something for the inexperienced. However, fiddling with your computer's internals can be a thing of the past with the new IOGEAR USB to HD Adapter.  A.K.A the GUC2025H, the new adapter connects additional HD displays to a desktop or laptop computer using a USB 2.0 cable, something all computers have (as opposed to HDMI). Throw in an HDMI to DVI Adapter and you've got a set-up that will complement almost every modern computer and TV combination. Going even further, because the increased bandwidth of HDMI and DisplayLink™ technology are utilized, the USB to HD adapter provides both video AND audio support, a huge advancement from the traditional internal video cards or external DVI/VGA adapters that only supported video. Need proof, here's what Engadget says:
Pumping out video content to the big screen has been simplified, sure, but audio has always been the Achilles heel of the diminutive dongles. Enter IOGEAR, whose GUC2025H USB External HD A/V Adapter solves this exact problem -- without taking up any additional ports to boot.
With a USB to HD Adapter in place, laptop users will be able to have up to three displays showing content; the laptop screen, a second display via the built-in VGA port and a third from the USB port courtesy of IOGEAR's new adapter. In the home, the GUC2025H complements convergence since it provides a hard-wired streaming solution of standard or HD content from the PC to the TV with only a single HDMI cable connection. Youtube, Hulu and other computer content can be streamed to the TV interference-free with ease. Outside the home, the USB to HD adapter is made for multitasking. Office accounting and marketing personnel will appreciate the ability to view large spreadsheets across two screens without sacrificing continuity. Graphic designers can queue up editing tools and pallets without constantly minimizing and maximizing windows, while data analysts can type in one document while viewing reference material elsewhere. Lastly, anyone who works heavily with email will appreciate the ability to open attachments on one screen while staying in the inbox to manage email functions. Installing the USB to HD Adapter is quick and easy for anyone who's ever plugged in a mouse or other USB peripheral. No need for multiple software and hardware updates to get both audio and video, and no need for an external power supply since the adapter runs via the USB port. With video cards, it's sometimes necessary to remove a computer's back panel, locate the existing video card, remove and replace it with a new one, all without affecting any of the sensitive electronics. While certainly possible, these actions can void a manufacturer warranty, or worse, cook the motherboard. Because the IOGEAR USB to HD Adapter connects externally, there is no threat of memory loss or inadvertent collateral damage from the installation. With support of resolutions up to 1600x1200 / 1920x1080 and 32-bit color, the USB to HD adapter shares content at its ideal resolution for the purest viewing experience possible. For a wireless solution, IOGEAR also offers the GWAVKIT2, a wireless HD streaming kit that serves a similar function as the USB to HD adapter.  We'd love to hear from you, what computer content is best for streaming to the TV? Do you prefer a wired or wireless solution?

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