Quality Time is the Best Mother’s Day Gift

May 6th, 2011

Mom loved getting hand-made cards, macaroni art and birdhouses when you were a kid, but with age comes the responsibility to honor your Mother with something a bit more useful. This could mean something useful like a new pair of garden gloves or set of knives (yaaaaawn), or you could express your never-ending appreciation with something more unexpected.  Before we get carried away with gifting, let's get a grip and remember that Mother's Day is really about spending quality time with the woman who went through serious amounts of pain to push you out into the world. If you can't make the time to sit down and visit, have a meal or at the very least give mom a call, you shouldn't even bother with a gift. More than anything, Mom wants an expression of love, the gift is simply complimentary. So don't forget the hug! A smart son or daughter gets a gift that will actually bring the family closer together. But if you can't afford a Jacuzzi or a trip to the Caribbean, here are some suggestions for a variety of moms on Mother's Day. For the Multimedia MomIOGEAR USB to HD Adapter – It's like adding a video card to mom's computer. Now, when family and friends come over, she has an easy way to stream photos, videos and other content to the larger, flat panel TV for everyone to enjoy. And you thought your 2nd grade performance of Peter Pan would never have an audience again. For the Mom Who's Packing HeavyScottevest Women's Trench – This trench coat has 18 pockets, is waterproof, breathable and stain-resistant. And not that she needs it, of course, but advanced engineering by the Scottevest people has given this jacket a proprietary Weight Management System™ and NoBulge™ clear touch pockets. For the Foodie MomGrillex At-Home Churrascaria – If mom does all the cooking, give her a break and chef up a meal using the Grillex which re-creates churrasca restaurant style fare. Meat, veggies and more can all be cooked simultaneously, indoors or out with no fat added and easy clean-up. She'll be most happy you made a meal. For the Road Warrior Mom – Please excuse our bias, but the IOGEAR Solar Bluetooth Car Kit gives caravanning and commuting mom's have a safer, more connected driving experience, using a little help from the sun. With no wire clutter and caller announce/voice dialing technology, mom can answer and make calls without being distracted. If mom tends to burn through her cell phone or other mobile device batteries, she may get a charge out of the Gearpower Portable Battery for Mobile Devices which includes an assortment of interchangeable connectors for all her devices. For Every Mom – A new gadget or toy will be appreciated that much more when it's complimented with something traditional such as the time honored bouquet of flowers. Gifts are merely a token of love and appreciation, nothing can replace quality time and genuine interaction with Mom on Mother's Day. So shower her with presents, but make sure she knows the real gift is the respectful, well-mannered, appreciative son or daughter she dutifully raised. What do you have planned this Mother's Day? We hope its something special and we wish all of you a very Happy Mother's Day from your friends at IOGEAR.

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