Mobile DTS Surround Sound Adapter for Headphones and Speakers

July 1st, 2011

Surround Scenario 1: Pinned down behind enemy lines while playing Call of Duty®, you're attempting to complete a mission without being decapitated. With the help of surround sound headphones, you hear shots and explosions from the rear and turn to face your objective. After some sniper fire and a few precisely placed explosives, the mission is a success. Surround Scenario 2: On a coast to coast flight, you load Tron: Legacy into your PC once a safe altitude has been reached. Blessed with one of the best DTS-HD Soundtracks available, you want to take full advantage of headphones with surround sound to drown out your snoring neighbor who won't stop jostling for the armrest. Plugged in and tuning out, you're immersed in the unfolding drama and the six-hour flight turns into a movie theater with less legroom. Surround Scenario 3: You're a metal head, plain and simple, but there's a real lack of quality when it comes to metal albums that are produced to achieve high-quality 5.1 surround sound. Having recently read MetalInsider''s recommendation of Must-Own Metal 5.1 Surround Sound Albums, you feel compelled to buy the music but not replace your new stereo headphones and two-channel computer speaker set-up. After amassing a collection that includes Porcupine Tree, Mastadon, Pig Destroyer and NIN, you complement with an IOGEAR DTS Audio Adapter surrounding yourself in wicked guitars, drums, keyboards and vocals that get in your face and all around you. The above scenarios highlight the benefits of surround sound with various forms of entertainment. One of the pioneers of surround sound and many other audio technologies, is DTS. Present in AV receivers, PCs, game consoles, Blu-ray players and a host of other devices, DTS technologies are ubiquitous in the audio world, and now, an integral part of the IOGEAR PC Accessories line. We can proudly say that the first USB Audio Adapter to ever feature DTS Surround Sensation | Headphone™ technology is our USB Theater Sound Experience, now available in the IOGEAR e-store. Utilizing a transparent vacuum tube-style design — a classic look for audio enthusiasts — the USB Theater Sound Xperience takes two-channel (stereo) audio and processes it with DTS Surround Sensation | Headphone technology to give the effect of sounds occurring outside the boundaries of two channels. Audio cues such as special frequencies, volume intensity and time delay help create the USB Theater Sound Xperience. By simply plugging traditional stereo speakers or headphones into a PC's USB 2.0 port, an enveloping and immersive surround sound effect is achieved for movies, PC gaming and music. The magic is in the processing and DTS provides three unique DTS Surround Sensation technologies in IOGEAR's new surround sound audio adapter, including: • Voice Clarification Technology: Enhances the signal clarity to improve the audio quality of dialog derived from Blu-ray Disc™ or standard DVD • Bass Enhancement Technology: Restores the perception of fundamental low-frequency tones by dynamically augmenting harmonics, yielding improved bass performance without the additional hardware costs of adding a subwoofer • Soundstage Expansion Technology: Broadens the soundstage and creates a phantom center channel for improved clarity and audio crispness For a more visual look at how the technology works, check out the DTS Surround Sensation video on their site. Surround sound headphones or a 5.1 speaker set-up can costs hundreds or thousands of dollars. Our USB Theater Sound Xperience costs a fraction of that and delivers a mobile solution with industry leading DTS technology. In the race to achieve the best performance out of all our converging AV and PC gear, this is yet another boost to the entertainment experience. We want to hear from you though, what's your favorite movie or music title to enjoy in surround sound? Do you think multi-channel audio enhances the entertainment experience? Chime in on our Facebook, Twitter or Blog.

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