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August 31st, 2011

With the glut of technology products being launched daily, we're fortunate to have the Internet as a seemingly endless source of feedback on all things tech and otherwise. Of course, there are many different levels to choose from. End user reviews from sites like Amazon, NewEgg and Anandtech offer no-holds-barred criticism and praise for gear, the only drawback being you don't always know the contributor's level of acumen or the quality of the other hardware being used. But even so, there's no questioning the value of end user feedback. For a slightly different perspective you have the professional product reviewer. Often an editor/journalist representing a media outlet, a blogger or a full-time reviewer, he or she is expected to possess a higher level of acumen, use the product to its specifications, and provide both the good and critical points, while sharing the details regarding all associated equipment that was used. As a company, we are very responsive to media and professional reviewer requests. Below are some of the recent IOGEAR product reviews that have been written, we hope they can be useful to those considering any of these connectivity solutions. Residential Systems Magazine – Universal Wifi N Adapter (This magazine is written for professionals who install home A/V solutions and home theaters) Our favorite line: But let's say your client is preternaturally attached to his existing wireless router. Say his favorite auntie had left it to him in her will, or Nolan Bushnell himself autographed the thing or something. Tom's Guide – Solar Bluetooth Handsfree Car Kit (GBHFK231) Our favorite line: The beauty of the Solar Handsfree kit is that it charges while you're driving around or parked as long as it's outside and during the day. – Wireless HD Computer to TV Kit (GUWAVKIT2) Our favorite line: The convenience of this low hassle computer to HDTV solution is well worth looking into, particularly if you've been looking at projectors or some other computer sharing device. Not worrying about safety issues with guests tripping over wires is a huge plus. – Wireless HTPC Keyboard (GKM581R) Our favorite line: I was not immediately smitten by the football-shaped form factor but was quickly won over by the rewarding tactile experience provided by the surface material, side grips and “triggers” (scroll + middle-click on the left and left-click on the right) on the front of the keyboard; more importantly my wife found it easy to use, even commenting after the first day that she was happy with the switch. – USB Theater Sound Xperience Our favorite line: This dongle's ability to create surprisingly rich, accurate and believable virtual 5.1 surround stage does rival that of many older gaming headset I have owned. This is all thanks to DTS Surround Sensation; a bigger richer soundstage, crystal clear voices and increased low frequency effects all happen when you pair a DTS enabled movie with this small device. Product performance feedback helps IOGEAR drive future product development, so we value this information immensely and thanks the reviewers who took the time to post. NEW PRODUCT NEWS On a relevant note, we launched a new product last week, (Wireless 4-Port USB Sharing Station) which is summed up nicely over on Engadget: IOGEAR USB Sharing Station connects to WiFi, cuts the cord on four of your devices. Thanks for reading, we'll share some additional reviews in the future, or just check our Facebook and Twitter feeds for day-to-day updates.

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