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Wireless Innovation

Relaxing with a movie used to mean quality time with your couch, TV and a bowl of popcorn. Now it might mean streaming the movie through your tablet and tweeting reaction through your smartphone while music plays through the TV's speakers streamed through Pandora. Wireless streaming is growing. Americans added five more hours of online video per month last quarter, according to Nielsen reporting.

The market is responding to this shift. Netflix just inked a deal to stream Disney movies and Redbox is launching instant streaming. Consumers aren't tethered to their TVs as wireless mobile devices give them new freedom.

Home for the Holidays

With Thanksgiving come and gone, the holidays are in full swing for many Americans. This time of year likely means time with family - wherever they may be located. The average long-distance trip around Christmas and New Year's is 275 miles. Holiday travel is now increasing for the fourth year in a row.

But before you can relax with hot cocoa and gingerbread, there always are some holiday headaches, such as baggage fees on airlines, highway traffic and the chorus of "Are we there yet?"

Family roadtrip

Are You Prepared for Disaster?

Are You Prepared for Disaster?

My heart and sympathies go out to all those effected by Super Storm Sandy. I have been reading article after article of loss and the tragic events that have unfolded, and feel helpless as I sit here across the other side of the country.

One thing it has done is make me look at my own family and see if we are ready for a disaster. I have realized that we are not ready at all. Just thinking of a plan and actually having one are two different things. If something were to happen today, my family would be in trouble.

Being in California, we have earthquakes, fires, and mudslides. Fires you get some advance notice, and you may have time to evacuate. With earthquakes, they happen and before you realize what is going on, and then they are usually over. I have been very fortunate to always have been out of town when a big earthquake has hit our area. My children were not born at the time of the last big one we had.

Next Generation of Gaming

Nintendo's new Wii U video game system begins hitting select store shelves on Nov. 18. Pre-orders are already sold out, and industry watchers predict the limited numbers available in stores will go quickly. It's Nintendo's first high-definition gaming machine, but the bigger change is the GamePad™, a LCD touch screen and controller in one that includes a front-facing camera, rumble features, sensor bar, stylus and support for near-field communication technology (NFC).

The Friday That Is Black

The Running of the Shoppers

This past summer we were treated to watching the world's best athletes compete in the Olympics. Next week, million's of Americans will be participating in a different type of competition: Black Friday shopping.

We've all seen the images of Pampalona-like stampedes into Wal-Mart stores at midnight and much like the running of the bulls, people get gored and run over. If you were unfortunate enough to be at this Wal-Mart location, you might have gotten an eye full of pepper spray.

Black Friday Rush

Home Theater Guide

As the weather gets colder, many of us stay cozy on the couch. Americans spend on average nearly 35 hours per week watching live TV, DVD content, DVR playback and video games.

Consumer spending on home electronics rose for the first time after five years of declines, thanks partly to Blu-ray purchases. No matter the content filling your screen, the experience can be more exciting with the right home theater system.

Family watching TV

The Walking Dead…..Smartphone

The Walking Dead season 3 is off and running (or walking) and it hasn't disappointed. Season 2 ended on such a high note, I thought there was no way they would be able to keep up that energy level and they would have to rebuild in season 3. I would like to officially declare how wrong I was, and how humbled I am after episode 1.

The Walking Dead

Zombies have been a huge fascination for me since I got a hold of the Max Brooks book: Zombie Survival Guide, and his phenomenal second book: World War Z, which by the way is coming to a theater near you, staring Brad Pitt. I would like to thank that Barnes and Noble employee who pointed me in that direction a few years ago.

Zombie Survival Guide
World War Z

Home Halloween Horrors

Signs are pointing to a spooky and record-breaking Halloween this year, as 170 million people plan to celebrate the holiday, spending an average of almost $80 per person on decorations, costumes and candy.

But one of the best parts of Halloween often costs much less: a good scare. And we do love good, terrifying fun.

Scared teens

Windows 8 Revolution

Tech enthusiasts and industry influencers watched the launch of Windows 8 today, intended to turn upside down the way consumers interact with their PCs. Pre-launch guides describe the radical changes that make this one of the biggest (and potentially riskiest) moves for tech giant Microsoft in recent years.

Windows 8 computers

Breast Cancer Awareness and Technology

Each October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month when medical organizations, charities, survivors, patients and friends promote research, awareness and shared information about a disease that is the second leading cause of cancer death in women.

Lending an Ear

Whether or not you now know someone with breast cancer, it's likely you will someday as one in eight women are diagnosed within their lifetimes. It can be hard to know what to say or how to help.

Woman consoling her friend