Watching the Olympics in 3D

July 24th, 2012

Every four years the world gathers and watches Earth's greatest athletes hailing from more than 200 countries compete for gold. One of the many great things about the Olympics, besides the fact that it brings countries together, is that it transforms those that don't pay attention to sports during a normal year, into casual fans for two weeks.


For most of us, attending the Olympics isn't much of an option—as an athlete or a spectator; though the latter is more plausible. Even if the games were held in your home city, it's often difficult to buy tickets or even deal with the logistics of attending an event of that magnitude.

This year NBC and its networks are offering more than 5,000 hours of coverage, including online; meaning you can watch almost any event, anywhere you want. Social media is also playing a larger role. NBC is partnering with Facebook in an attempt to make the games interactive amongst viewers.

So, with all these options, what's the best way to watch the games? In this blogger's opinion, it'd be a shame to watch a marquee event such as the finals in swimming, track and field or women's gymnastics on a laptop or cell phone screen. These events are only here every 4 years, why wouldn't you want to watch it in its fullest potential?

The next best thing to being at the Olympics with your family is cheering for your country in your own living room. Imagine you and your family immersed within the opening ceremony in full 3D as it happens, cheering for your country in the parade of nations and taking in the atmosphere.

The Super Bowl this year, in many experts' opinions, made an error in not broadcasting the game in 3D. NBC and the Olympics aren't making the same mistake. They'll be showing select events in 3D. HOWEVER (and notice the CAPS), these events will be on a 24hr delay. Meaning the only way you'll be watching all the action is a day after you know the results. Where's the excitement in that?

The IOGEAR 3D Complete+ can put you inside the most exciting Olympic events using your own 3DTV. Convert whatever you're watching into 3D for your 3DTV. You don't need a cable or satellite provider to offer you the limited 3D channels. Watch Phelps win gold in the butterfly, “run” next to Usain Bolt in the 100M or watch the medal ceremony of your favorite athlete as they etch their name in the history books—live! All these experiences and memories can be made with one device.

The 3D Complete+ won't make you an Olympics athlete, but it'll be as close as it'll get for most of us.

Click for more information on the 3D Complete+ and how it can change the way you watch the games.

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Gene Chi

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