Class is in Session Again – How to Prepare

July 26th, 2012

This fall marks the annual pilgrimage of students to the educational institutions across the country, also known as the back-to-school season. As families prepare to send their youth off into the great unknown (think Hunger Games), pencils and three-ring binders just don't cut it in today's digital age.


Software Tools

Today's students have a multitude of digital resources at their disposal. Web apps have become a must-have for college students, helping them stay organized, study better, collaborate and properly cite sources. The cloud has opened up a new world for compiling, managing and sharing data.

Of course, there are amazing gadgets and technology that tops all the usual wish-lists that are put out at this time of year. However, your child's backpack may continue to get lighter, as devices converge, storage tools are exchanged for the cloud and your computer is now a tablet or netbook.


Hardware Tools

No matter what the age, there are still some basics that students need today (and yes, pencils still come in handy at times). Many schools are requiring homework to be done digitally, so a laptop or tablet is quickly becoming a necessity. There is a strong need for smart phones to take advantage of the many apps that can help with education for students. Other basics on the wish-list include e-readers as more textbooks are going digital, an external hard drive or multiple backup solutions are important to ensure all your hard work is not lost, and a digital recording device to capture lectures.

Intangibles – Power, Connectivity and Face-Time

Once you have all the basics covered, there are a few gadgets that may be easily overlooked, but they can make all the difference. The first is a portable power charger, such as the IOGEAR's GearPower GMP6600P , ensuring all your portable equipment doesn't die in the middle of a term paper. With so many gadgets needing power, you don't want to depend on plugging in when you are on the go to classes. Power is great, but you also need good connectivity to ensure your communication is working. The IOGEAR Universal 5-Port Wi-Fi N Ethernet Hub provides data rates up to 300Mbps and reduces Wi-Fi dead zones in the dorm room. Lastly, now that you have power and connectivity, you can have face-time with your favorite student with a webcam. What better way to stay in touch with your child when they are off to college, than having a video conference via Skype.


Sharpen those pencils and power-up those devices! Let us know what challenges face you this school year at Facebook or on Twitter.

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