Tis the Season to Watch TV

September 18th, 2012

There is no doubt that TV is an important part of most Americans' lives. The latest stats show that nearly everyone engages in some sort of leisure activity and guess what is the No. 1 activity? Watching TV occupied nearly three hours a day, accounting for half of all leisure time! So, with the new fall lineup about to kick-off (yes, football is starting too), Americans are salivating for their favorite programs to return. To build even greater excitement this year, there are nearly two dozen new prime time shows being introduced through network TV. To help make the most of the new seasons, IOGEAR spotlights a few technologies that will help you make the most of your time to unwind.

Man watching TV

TV Technology

This year promises to be some great viewing moments – whether it is a pregnant Sofia Vergara on Modern Family, the next guest star on Glee or guessing the next break out sensation, like last year's New Girl. So, why watch the usual way when you can see them in 3D? IOGEAR's 3D Complete+ (HGDSSW4) will help bring the scene to life with depth that will put you on the streets of Dennis Quaid's Vegas. The 3D Complete+ converts standard 2D content into vibrant 3D viewing with user-defined effect controls for 3D levels, pop out and depth for a custom-tailored 3D experience for your 3DTV.

IOGEAR 3D Complete+

No Room or Palm Untouched

New mobile technology is putting TV in the palm of your hand. Tablets and smartphones have spurred 86 percent of mobile users to watch TV on their portable devices. There also are many great apps that can help connect consumers with the content of their choosing, such as Hulu, Tivizen, Apple TV and Google TV.

TV also can be streamed to multiple rooms of the house, so you never have to miss a single minute of your favorite crime drama. IOGEAR's Wireless HD Digital Kit can stream the content to a second TV in a room up to 100 feet away. Uncompressed HD 1080p and TV shows can flow undisturbed through walls and ceilings, eliminating the need for ugly wires and cords cluttering the home.

IOGEAR's Wireless HD Digital Kit

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