Windows 8 Revolution

October 26th, 2012

Tech enthusiasts and industry influencers watched the launch of Windows 8 today, intended to turn upside down the way consumers interact with their PCs. Pre-launch guides describe the radical changes that make this one of the biggest (and potentially riskiest) moves for tech giant Microsoft in recent years.

Windows 8 computers

Some of the changes being discussed:

  • No more start menu; it's replaced with a start screen with scrolling rectangular tiles and apps inspired by those on tablets and smartphones.
  • It's meant to be touchable. And that means fingerprints.
  • The launch is accompanied by the first-of-its-kind Microsoft tablet called Surface, which it claims to be fast, light and reportedly durable enough to double as a skateboard.

Lauded as pushing Windows into the tablet era, there also are those who caution consumers that they may be confused by the changes.

Getting Ready for Windows 8

Windows 8 works with cloud technology, allowing you use a Microsoft account to store items online, use your PC to control your Xbox or access the same start screen and Internet Explorer favorites on multiple device. Windows 8 also will come with Xbox Music, providing free music streaming and a consistent experience and playlists across multiple devices. In a nutshell, the PC is evolving fast and will continue.

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