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November 9th, 2012

As the weather gets colder, many of us stay cozy on the couch. Americans spend on average nearly 35 hours per week watching live TV, DVD content, DVR playback and video games.

Consumer spending on home electronics rose for the first time after five years of declines, thanks partly to Blu-ray purchases. No matter the content filling your screen, the experience can be more exciting with the right home theater system.

Family watching TV

Choosing Equipment

The options in home theater systems can seem overwhelming, but there are a number of independent guides that can point you in the right direction. Some of the factors you'll need to consider:

  • Size of the room
  • Sound quality you'd like
  • Budget
  • Existing entertainment equipment you own and compatibility

Beyond the equipment, it is important to think about details such as blocking out light, absorbing sound from spilling into other rooms and placement of the furniture. Keeping the area organized and clear of wires is important too. Once you've chosen your electronics and where they'll sit, you can connect them wirelessly from multiple rooms and reduce clutter with IOGEAR's Wireless HD Digital Kit.

Of the time Americans spend watching TV, more and more are accessing it online. An Advertising Age survey reported 42 percent of TV viewers watched more streamed content this year than last year. The most cited reason (73 percent) for going online was to catch up on episodes of their favorite shows.

Portable Home Theater

For those who don't have the space or don't want a large TV home theater system, your desktop or laptop can step up to the job with IOGEAR's USB Theater Sound Xperience. Using a USB audio adapter and your standard stereo headphones or stereo speakers, audio is processed with DTS® Surround Sensation to create virtual surround sound.

IOGEAR's USB Theater Sound Xperience

Or you could go the other extreme and install a whole home movie theater, such as The White House or Ryan Seacrest. Popcorn anyone?

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