The Bill Cometh

January 28th, 2013

It's the end of January, and when many Americans head to the mailbox, they'll find the bills of Christmas past. Americans spent an average of about $770 during the 2012 holiday season. While this is higher than the previous year and increased spending often shows confidence in the economy, wages are still stagnant and Americans carry an average of $15,950 on their credit cards.

So perhaps for some, the coming months are a time for belt tightening and smart spending. There are a variety of financial tips for getting on top of your debt this year. Some of the most common are:

  • Start a budget
  • Cut back on non-essential purchases
  • Tackle the bills with the highest interest rate first
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When it comes to budgeting, there are lots of apps to help you stay on track. Good thing Santa brought you that iPhone 5 and IOGEAR's Ultra Capacity Mobile Power Station to keep things powered.

 Ultra Capacity Mobile Power Station

Cut back

Reducing spending on restaurants, movie tickets and new gadgets might not sound like fun, but there are ways you can maximize the electronics you already have at home to keep costs down.

  • Watch movies at home. Services like Hulu and Neflix give you access to movies, and tools like IOGEAR's Universal 5-Port Wi-Fi N Ethernet Hub can help create the wireless internet environment you need to stream movies. So pop some popcorn and make it a date night.
  • Create the coffee shop at home. The appeal of WiFi, mellow music and a latte can be had for free in the comfort of your own living room. Have an older laptop and don't want to spend more to create the coffee shop feeling of surfing the web on a laptop? Use IOGEAR's Wireless-N USB 2.0 Adapter to upgrade older computers to the next generation of wireless technology, fire up and brew a pot of coffee or a latte. Put that tip you would have given in a jar toward your bills.
  • Cook instead of dining out. Pinterest use continues to increase, with food and recipes the fastest growing category. Don't just look and salivate, bring that tablet into the kitchen and fire up the stove.

Tackle the bills

After all the budgeting and cutting back, you'll hopefully free up the dough to pay down the credit cards. Stay on top of it, and consider even setting some extra aside too. There are already cool new gadgets coming onto store shelves, plus IOGEAR's new Wireless Mobile and WiDi to HDTV, one of the first devices to enable wireless streaming from either the smartphone or laptop to the TV. Plus, Christmas 2013 is only 11 months away.

What was your favorite gadget you bought in the past months? Visit us at our Facebook or on Twitter and tell us.

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