Sharing Funny Content

August 16th, 2013

Everyone needs a laugh sometimes, and there's no shortage of hilarious content on the Internet. From YouTube to animated GIFs, now Vine and Instagram's video too, it takes less than a minute to find something that will have you chuckling. It's good for you too – doctor's orders!

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The Science of Funny

While it comes pretty naturally to most people, there's lots of science behind what makes us laugh. Not all of the reasons are nice, like the "superiority theory" that says we are laughing at someone else's mistakes, stupidity or misfortune. But a quick check of the most popular videos on YouTube brings lots of pranks, parodies and hilarious accidents.

Other types of funny are cultural, like the often-discussed difference between American and British humor in TV shows and movies. Luckily both the American and British versions of popular TV shows are easily accessible online for easy comparison for yourself.

Sharing the Laughs

Most of us like someone else to be in on the joke if we find a great video, gif or Vine to share. Here's where IOGEAR can help. With our Wireless PC-to-TV kit, you can find something funny on your laptop, then project it to the bigger TV screen and keep clips rolling for a whole roomful.

PC-to-TV kit

Or want to take your best video content on the road and share it with a group? Try the MediaShair Hub and a flash drive. The built-in Wi-Fi connection shares the content with up to seven Android, iOS or laptop devices within range.

MediaShair Hub

Keeping it Clean at Work

Research shows employers like to hire people with a sense of humor, but it can be a challenge to make sure your humor is office-friendly. Tread carefully, but once you find a tasteful and light-hearted approach, the workplace benefits multiply!

If you find a great video, gif or Vine, think about who would think it's funny, then share away! What are you laughing at now? Visit us at our Facebook page or on Twitter and let us in on the joke!

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Gene Chi

Gene Chi

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