Gamers: Social or Anti-Social?

December 11th, 2013

It is a common myth that gamers are anti-social beings who hide in a dark room and play video games with little to no interaction with other human beings. And although this may be true for some lone-ranger gamers, the majority is thriving in online communities with other gamers.

The amount of gamers in online communities is immense once you see the numbers:

  • PSN (Sony's online community) is roughly 110 million gamers
  • Xbox Live is roughly 48 million
  • World of War Craft is roughly 12 million

These numbers do not even include the abundance of other game consoles or online gaming networks that are available! Gamers can talk live to friends and random people over video games or get connected by just using their usernames and having a chat while on the game console.

For those gamers who are involved in multiple platforms and want to get connected with others who are not just focused on one game or one type of gaming then they can join an online platform that mirrors what Facebook and Google Plus do. They build communities for you to follow and comment on. They keep up with the latest news just as people do with the more well-known platforms.

  • Raptr is an easy platform for gamers to start with due to the various communities and benefits of a desktop app, rankings and rewards programs
  • Playfire is more focused on the actual gamer and not the games per say, the gamer can talk about what they like about gaming or what they are looking for rather than being focused on a specific game such as Grand Theft Auto or World of War Craft.
  • Duxter looks almost identical to Google Plus and allows you to follow news and updates in all communities of online gaming as well as having a store, games and a meme generator available to their attendees.

Gaming online communities may not be as well-known but that does not mean they are not booming with followers. Thing of these platforms as more specialized like a Linked-In for a professional looking for a job, gamers are just looking for people to interact with that love the same games and feel they get when receiving an accomplishment or getting to the next level.

About the Author

Kayla Sigafoos-Wortley

Kayla Sigafoos-Wortley

Kayla Wortley is a Marketing Maven coming from the Beauty Industry. She is now the Marketing Specialist at IOGEAR in charge of Social Media and Marketing. With a diverse background of industries she is ready to take on the technology world!