Transparent LCD Displays - The Beginning

August 25th, 2014

A glimpse into the future of advertising was seen in the Tom Cruise Sci-Fi movie, Minority Report. This demonstrated the future of possibilities that we're now starting to see make way in today's world.

The advancement of transparent LCD displays combined with touch-screen technology and cameras have now moved into today's world of marketing and advertising for retail, exhibitions, museums and digital signage. Transparent / see-through LCD panels are integrated into store front windows, display cases and other billboard / digital signage for an enhanced communication to make what was once a static message to a more interactive experience.

Transparent LCD displays with touch-screen interaction opens a whole new world of possibilities for marketers and advertiser. As a tool it makes advertising more dynamic by allowing one to showcase branding, products, features and lifestyle like never before. Active text, imagery and video that can scroll, roll in and out, fade in and out can all be running with the product visible through the showcase glass.

With cameras as an additional tool, it can identify gender, height and other elements to better focus / tailor advertising and marketing information to the individual to draw them in. The touch-screen provides a user interface to fully engulf the personal experience to select product offerings, styles and assist in product or consumer information. Even more impressive when applied to store windows, kiosks and billboards at malls and corporate / commercial settings providing a two way communication for providing and collecting information to be used in future techniques.

All of this enhances the interaction to bring the consumer or individual closer for an intuitive personal experience.

Over time, this will become a consumer trend for the population intertwined within our daily lives. Think of the days when this clear technology is applied within our connected homes, where our windows will tell us the current time, temperature, wind conditions, darken or clear up to replace your curtains. The world where clear panel designed HDTV's, phones, tablets and computers that are all accessible from the kitchen table or living room coffee tables. Glass shower doors provide access to your music library or front door security camera. Another use would be the ability to see through into the refrigerator and have the clear display change to a personal active dashboard to order groceries or leave video messages as reminders for yourself or family members.

We're at the beginning of a whole new great technology trend, but the questions of privacy, anonymity and security need to be equally weighed. What do you think?

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Ruben Lugo

Ruben Lugo

Ruben is a product marketer with over 17 years of experience and has been with IOGEAR since 2008. Ruben enjoys science, technology, movies, music, martial arts and much more. He also has a wealth of useless knowledge, such as movie quotes - Minus 2 plus 2, fill the holeā€¦ (what movie?)