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IOGEAR enjoys long walks on the beach and romantic getaways. While not traveling, IOGEAR enjoys a great game of shuffle board whilst playing the banjo.

IOGEAR's New AV Extender Sends Lossless 4K/7.1 Wirelessly up to 60ft.

We are excited to announce the debut of the newest addition to our line of wireless AV extenders - the Ultra-Fast 60GHz Wireless 4K UHD Video Extender (model number: GW4K30GH60). This product allows content to be streamed wirelessly over a 60GHz frequency band to a screen placed up to 60-feet away. A 2019 CES Innovation Award Honoree, the GW4K30GH60 is ideal for gaming and streaming over short ranges and frees your space from more cords and clutter!

Back on Campus

Fall is a great time to be on a college campus, whether you're a student yourself or catching a football game as alumni. If you peek into a dorm room while you're there, you'll see that technology is a staple of student life -- and there's no space to waste when you're sharing a room.


It's September, and here at IOGEAR, we're packing our bags for the CEDIA EXPO 2013 from Sept. 25-28 in Denver. If you've never been before, it's an industry show for companies that design and install electronic systems for the home, including home theaters. There will be great sessions, smart people and a dive into some industry emerging trends. Best of all, we love the gadgets and gear! And you can bet we're bringing ours. If you'll be there, visit us at booth #725.

Among our connectivity and wireless products, extenders, switchers, splitters and accessories, we'll be showing off our Wireless 5x2 HD Matrix, the industry's first product capable of sending separate full, uncompressed HD 1080p content to two HD displays or projectors from up to five sources. It's capable of switching among various digital and analog sources independently, setting new benchmarks for wireless AV.

Wireless 5x2 HD Matrix

End of Summer Road Trips

There are a few reasons September might mean you're jumping behind the wheel for a drive.

  • Squeezing in the last trip of the summer with kids. Some states, including Virginia, Michigan, and Minnesota, have mandated a post-holiday start to the school year to boost tourism.
  • Headed towards a college campus, either for yourself or with a child who is leaving the nest. Interestingly, the highest achieving students tend to pick colleges farther from home.

With these road trips, we thought we'd suggest some car-ready tech to keep you loving the journey with the air conditioner on high.

DIY Summer Tech Projects

After enjoying a few lazy summer days, now you may be in the mood for a fun project that takes advantage of technology and the sunshine. Here are three ideas to get you started with some summer DIY.

Tech-Ready Patio Makeover

If you've got a deck or patio, setting up your home with WiFi will allow you to bring more electronics out into the sunshine. You might even spend a work day out there. About 13.4 million people, or 9.4 percent of U.S. workers, worked at least one day at home per week in 2010.

Gadgets for Grads

June is the start of the summer, and for many new graduates, it's also the start of other steps in life. High school graduates are preparing for college in the fall and college graduates are looking for their first jobs. So if you're looking for gifts this summer for recent graduates, you might consider items to help them take that next leap forward.

Mobile Mash-up

It's becoming more and more common to see an office desk, coffee table, night stand or vehicle console with a smartphone or tablet there too. About 22 percent of Americans own tablets and 45 percent own smartphones. But how consumers use each of these devices can differ. For example, a Jumptap MobileSTAT study showed consumers use smartphones fairly steadily throughout the day, while tablet use rises sharply at night. This is partly attributed to tablets being used more for leisure such as media and entertainment compared to smartphones, which tend to be used more for social communication and tasks. The differences also play out in other parts of the day, and even by gender and age.

Tax Day Tech

Whether you have already filed your taxes, or plan to take care of your returns this week, April 15 is a deadline you can't miss. Here at IOGEAR, we explored some ways technology can help during tax season and beyond.

Spring Cleaning With Your Photos

These days, spring cleaning extends beyond those under-the-couch dust bunnies and into our digital devices and files – especially photos. We're snapping and sharing more photos than ever. Flicker users uploaded 518 million photos in 2012, an average of 1.42 million per day.

Girl with cameras


Tech That Makes Us Think

Just a few weeks ago, Ted Talks 2013 gave the stage to artists, inventors, teachers and thinkers to share ideas that can change the world. We at IOGEAR love to hear about innovative technology that's transforming lives.

For example, TED Senior Fellow Anthony Vipin Das is an eye surgeon who has been developing shoes that use vibration and GPS technology to guide the blind.

Source: Anthony Vipin Das

Video still from Le Chal, courtesy Anthony Vipin Das.