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IOGEAR Reveals Wi-Fi Surfers Are Wearing Next To Nothing [05-25-2004]

Nearly two-thirds of Wi-Fi users confess to browsing the Internet in their unmentionables

Irvine, CA – May 25, 2004 – Taking the ‘always on’ Internet revolution to the extreme, consumers happily admit to surfing the Net via Wi-Fi in their underwear, according to a recent survey by IOGEAR, Inc., a leading Wi-Fi connectivity and peripheral manufacturer. In an online poll of 478 consumers in April 2004, 64% of the respondents admitted to connecting to the Internet when just wearing their undergarments, showing the growing popularity of the wireless lifestyle. IOGEAR posed the question as part of a survey to gauge how and where the public is using Wi-Fi technology, as it becomes more prevalent in today’s society. The research also uncovered that 56% of consumers are most likely to use wireless access while traveling, in either a hotel or airport. Fast food restaurants (27%) and bookstores (17%) were listed as other popular hotspot locations users have connected. According to research firm IDC, 34% of consumers said they use a wireless 802.11 (Wi-Fi) LAN at home, compared to 27% who say they use one at work. The survey found that most of these home users are listening to music files, playing games and messaging. “As IOGEAR continues to help advance consumer adoption of Wi-Fi technology, we were curious to find out some of the most popular trends and locations when it comes to wireless use. The company was happy to see people aren’t inhibited to use Wi-Fi anytime, anywhere,” said Miranda Su, vice president of sales and marketing at IOGEAR, Inc. “IOGEAR will proceed to develop products that meet the demand of the ‘always on’ consumer by being affordable, secure and allowing users to access the Internet.” IOGEAR launched its Wi-Fi product line in November 2003. Products include a wireless router, notebook network card and USB wireless adapter. IOGEAR also developed a guide to help consumers understand the facts behind wireless technology. The free resource is available online at For further information on IOGEAR’s Wi-Fi products, please visit

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