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At the Push of a Button

IOGEAR's Share Pro Expandable System offers flexible, simple push-button wireless connectivity for multiple presenters, one at a time. Perfect for meeting rooms, classrooms or other multi-presenter settings.

Share & Expand

Share HD content to an in-room display up to 120 feet away. Expand the System from two to 10 in-room presenters by adding a mix of either HDMI or USB-C (coming soon) push-button transmitters.

Say Goodbye to Cables

Do away with passing cumbersome HDMI wiring and adapters from presenter to presenter in meetings and class. Share Pro is easily moved between conference or meeting rooms as your presentation needs dictate.

Simple & Straightforward

Installation is simple and straightforward - with no software or network configuration needed, just connect a Share Pro presentation transmitter to your laptop, tablet or other AV source, the receiver to the in-room display, and you're ready and set to present!

Flexible Advanced Wireless

Share Pro connects via advanced, business-class 5GHz wireless technology ensuring reduced interference between other wireless devices while supporting stable, reliable connections. Create a dedicated, high-speed Audio/Video pipeline without utilizing an existing in-office wireless network.

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HDMI Connect 2 A/V Sources

Share Pro Expandable Wireless Presentation System

HDMI® Transmitter

Share Pro Expandable Wireless Presentation Transmitter


Share Pro USB-C Wireless HD Video Extender