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Mike Volpe is the Marketing Manager for IOGEAR and Kaliber Gaming by IOGEAR. He is passionate about technology, the growing industry of esports, video gaming developments, and virtual, augmented and mixed reality solutions. He has been known to write blogs on the benefits of IOGEAR technology products and play video games in his car on his lunch break.

3 Ways to Use One Dock for Work and Play

The Ultimate Fusion of Productivity and Entertainment

IOGEAR’s Dock Pro™ 60 USB-C 4K Station with Game+ Mode (GUC3C4HP) is the ultimate fusion of productivity and entertainment. The portable multi-device docking station charges devices, adds ports and expands viewing options while supporting display resolutions up to 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160) to a diverse lineup of products.

Reinvent Your Presentations

Share Pro: Reinvent the Presentation with the Push of a Button

Wireless presentation systems can transform any meeting into a shared interactive experience with engaged participants capable of sharing insights with the touch of a button from their HDMI- or USB-C supported device. With the IOGEAR’s Share Pro ™ Expandable Wireless Presentation System (GWHD101KIT) utilize the latest in wireless technology to eliminate the need for cables and cumbersome set ups to streamline the boardroom or classroom with the push of a button.

Small Transmitter - Big Screen

Get the Big Picture with IOGEAR Share Pro Receiver & Transmitter Kits

Want to project your notebook, tablet or smartphone display onto a larger screen, like that 60-inch HDTV sitting in your living room or office conference room? The good news is that there are many ways to do it without the mess of wires with IOGEAR's Share Pro™ USB-C™ and Mini Wireless HD Video Transmitter &Receiver Kits. Simply plug in, push on and play with the compact portable dongles designed for either an HDMI port or USB Type-C port. With Share Pro you can discretely eliminate unsightly, expensive HDMI cable runs in the home, office or on-the-go.

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