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November 18, 2010

Reduce Clutter with Wireless HD Streaming

From laptops to iPads, Blu-Ray players, gaming consoles and other devices, we surround ourselves with an increasing number of components, cluttering our living and entertainment rooms with cables and black boxes. While some consumers are happy to live with high-tech inspired decor, many others just want the performance without the visible hardware.

Fortunately, one of the greatest innovations in home entertainment over the last five years has made cable and black box clutter obsolete. Wireless HD streaming, once littered with endless buffering, colorful scroll bars and interrupted audio, has made great strides on the back of research and development by companies like IOGEAR.
Of course, not all wireless HD streaming products are created equal, and settling for an untested, low-end solution can result in the same problems mentioned above, or worse. IOGEAR spent countless hours in the lab developing the most reliable solution possible, and the result…Ultra-wideband (a.k.a. Wireless USB or UWB).

This new radio technology can be used at very low energy levels for short-range high-bandwidth communications by using a large portion of the radio spectrum – 3.1GHz ~ 4.8GHz (WiMedia Band Group 1). By using this frequency, our Wireless Audio/Video Kits have a minimum level of interference with other wireless signals such as WiFi, Bluetooth, or cordless phones.

As mentioned, wireless HD streaming is an ideal solution for eliminating cable clutter, but if signal clutter is wreaking havoc and interrupting your wireless HD streaming, there’s really no convenience at all. Our wireless products may not clean up the clutter in your closet, but they can reliable make your entertainment more accessible.

If you could eliminate one cable or wire in your home, which would it be?

March 27, 2009

Netbook Roundup

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Right now the hottest term in computers is Netbook, it’s a combination of Internet and Notebook, and generally refers to laptop computers that have smaller than a 10” screen. For the most part, Netbooks are primarily used for browsing the Internet, email and intended to be small enough to take anywhere.

There is a sacrifice to be made with them, and that is generally in terms of a much slower processor compared to a full sized laptop, smaller hard drives, less RAM and usually a condensed keyboard. Most Netbooks come in well under $500 though, so they are attractive to someone who needs to accomplish a little more than their Blackberry or iPhone can do, but doesn’t’ want to haul their full sized laptop around.

Some interesting features on Netbooks coming out also include facial recognition software for security, built in card readers and built in 3G Internet connections though various mobile cellular phone services.

Following is a roundup of some of the most popular Netbooks on the market today.


February 17, 2009

Go Wireless or Fall Behind

Going wireless used to be the luxury of those who were ahead of the technology curve and had access to a healthy budget. Fortunately, wireless technology has matured to a point where pricing is comparable to wired alternatives. Here we examine the evolution of two technologies that highlight some of the many advantages of going wireless.

December 23, 2008

What is hot in technology for 2009?

As 2008 winds down and the world prepares for 2009, consumers are on the lookout for the hottest new technologies. With consumer’s needs and wants changing after a historically tumultuous year economically, the demands for the latest gadgets technology have shifted as well.

Consumers are no longer searching for the biggest, boldest technologies but are interested in electronics that help streamline and organize their lives, saving time and money. People are investing in gadgets that help them share and maximize existing resources.

Convenience is key for 2009. With the need to always be connected, society has and continues to move wireless. The greatest and most popular technologies in 2009 will implement wireless capabilities saving cable clutter and eliminating material waste. Wireless gadgets give customers environmentally-friendly options to streamline home and work spaces.

Additionally, green isn’t just about money. Consumers have taken a wider interest in items that not only maximize their bottom line, but save power and energy as well. Many companies, including IOGEAR, are taking steps in the right direction to conserve resources. Next year, energy-conserving gadgets such as solar-powered batteries, refurbished computers and KVM switches will be hot, hot, hot!


The IOGEAR Staff

December 16, 2008

Four Ways to De-Clutter Your Digital Life

After providing a solution for your wire clutter problems on a previous post, we found great interest on the topic; judging from the amount of web traffic sent to that blog post. Here, we expand on the idea of de-cluttering with 4 ways to help move towards a de-cluttered digital life.